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About Us

We’re a small charity trying to do really big things for mental health in NZ.


Live More Awesome is a registered NZ Charity started by Jimi Hunt & Dan Drupsteen. They wanted a place to be able to inspire others to better themselves and be able to talk openly about depression and how to deal with it.

Both of them have suffered at the hands of depression in their lives. LMA was an idea based around the fact that if they continued to strive for better things and live more awesome, then there was no way that depression would ever get them again. So far, it’s working.


To be recognised and acknowledged globally as the organisation that tackles depression differently and positively with simple, effective and awesome initiatives and events.


  • To initiate fun and ‘yahoos’ through ridiculous, remarkable and news worthy events.
  • To facilitate world-wide discussion of depression by way of online and offline campaigns and intitiatives.
  • To cultivate a social media presence that enables people to share remarkable lifestyle experiences that help increase mental welness.


  • To reduce the national & international stigma associated with depression & mental illness.
  • To convince all of those associated with depression that it is ok to ‘Ask For Help’.
  • To convince all of those associated with depression that it is ok to talk about it.
  • To raise community awareness of depression and who it affects (not just the ‘sufferer’).

Awareness Events:

  • World’s Biggest Waterslide 2015
  • National Waterslide Day
  • World’s Biggest Water Balloon Fight
  • Continue being awesome. Inspiration then information


  • The Awesome Audit
  • Gratitude In Schools Programme
  • Ask For Help Online Directory
  • Localised LMA Community Facebook Groups

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Event Attendance Levels
  • P.R Dollar Value Per Event
  • Brand Engagement Analytics
  • Conversion Measurement
  • Website Analytics
  • LMA Community Member Numbers & Engagement Levels
  • Specific Analytics On Initiatives






Jimi suffered from depression that ruined more than three years of his life and is still something he deals with every day… Among other things. part of getting better included lilo-ing the entire length of the Waikato River. Silly man.
It did mean that he got to write a best-selling book about it though, it’s called “A Bit Mental”. He also got to live out his childhood dream in building the World’s Biggest Waterslide as a LMA fundraiser, that was pretty cool, so was the TED Talk after that… Aside from LMA he runs his branding and design company “The Creative Difference”, loves doing public speaking to schools, corporates and anyone that will listen… check out if you want to know anything else.
+64 21 0202 9618




Dan’s eight year journey with depression saw him traveling around the world experimenting with anything and everything to ‘get well’. Part tree hugging hippie part serial entrepreneur, Dan focuses his time and energy on creating a life he loves and encourages others to do the same.
When Dan’s not working on LMA he’s busy running his web agency “Interactive Pulse”, helping men improve their sex lives through “Purple Stallion”, giving relationship advice at “Straight Up Advice” and encouraging people to get up out of bed and go for walk via “Walk With Me”. Go to if you would like to know more about Dan.
+64 21 511 485

LMA Board Of Trustees



James founded James Doughty Commercial Lawyers in 2004 after ten years working with top New Zealand and international law firms, before he and his team joined Claymore Law in 2009. James has law and commerce degrees from the University of Otago.

James has a commercial practice providing advice to a cross-section of companies, SME’s and sporting bodies. James provides practical and effective advice across all areas of commercial law, including mergers & acquisitions, commercial contracts, project & product commercialization, shareholder / director issues and commercial dispute resolution.

James is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors and a director of several private companies. Outside of work James enjoys keeping fit & healthy with triathlons, marathons, free diving & swimming.



Warren is the Managing Director of the Experience Group, an organisation which provides commercialisation of rights advice, sponsorship sales, hospitality and travel services to sporting organisations and to corporates, businesses and organisations. After graduating from Canterbury University with a Bachelor of Commerce, he held numerous senior marketing, sales and management roles with national and multinational companies. Warren has been involved in commercial sports for over 10 years through Capital Events Limited, Lions Hospitality 2005 Limited and now the Experience Group.

He is a director of a number of privately owned companies.



Having spent 16 years as a CEO of a major NZ listed company, Paul has seen most things come and go in the business and sponsorship world. Since ending that chapter in his life he has found numerous opportunities to keep his hands busy. His wealth of experience has also led him to mentor and advise other individuals and companies along their journey. Strategic partnership management is one of his key skills.

Key Volunteers


– Strategic Partnerships Manager –

Sunil is a marketing genius who has worn many hats… He was at grab-a-seat, Moa Beer and now at ATEED and apparently didn’t get fired from any of them. All we know is he is the man that helps us sort the stuff we’re no good at. A man we could not do without. A man who simply know’s what the f%*k is up…


– Head Of Gratitude –

Tamara looks after our Gratitude In Schools Programme. Why? Because she’s amazingly passionate about making a difference, especially with our youth. She’s had her own battles and knows what a difference gratitude makes, so much so in fact that she started her own project for it called “The Happiness Experiment (3 Good Things)”.


– Funding Manager –

Shane is one of the most important people in NZ! Why? Because he is the lovely man that sorts out all our funding applications. A background on the other side of funding applications for Guardian Trust gives him a unique edge in helping us get grants for awesome projects. Yay Shane.


We’re doing our best, but we can always do better, so if you have an idea, get in touch…