Live More Awesome is a little organisation, with a big heart trying to make a massive impact on mental health in New Zealand.
This has only been made possible through the kindness and support of every one of you out there who believe in a collective message that says –
“You don’t have to go it alone in this world, reach out and Ask For Help”.

As such, we’re writing this message today to simply ask for your help.

We need to raise $250,000 to fund mental health initiatives in 2015 through our only fundraiser –
To achieve this target, we need to encourage 1000 people to sign up to fundraise for a ticket to The World’s Biggest Waterslide by February 14 2015.

Specifically we need help with getting The World’s Biggest Waterslide in front of as many people as possible so that 1000 people sign up to fundraise for a ticket.


“So how can I help?” You ask…



  • Sign up to fundraise for a ticket to The World’s Biggest Waterslide here – Presently, if you put just $1 down you’re in with a good shot for a ticket! (That’s actually a little sad…)
  • Share your fundraising page through social media and email, get them to sign up too…
  • Then, maybe you, or someone you know can help out in one of these areas below –


  • We’re looking for an awesome advertising agency that has some spare resources and wants to work with a great brand that’s open to anything to help us write some award winning DM’s, create shareable content and create some amazing campaigns for offline media. In exchange we’ll invite the entire agency out for a special day on the slide.
  • We’re looking for someone who wants to donate some billboard space in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for us to use between now and March 14th.
  • We’d love to talk to any magazines or news outlets that are interested in doing a story on the World’s Biggest Waterslide.
  • We’d love to talk to any digital advertising channels that can offer us free advertising in exchange for some tickets to the Waterslide.


  • We don’t really know what we’re doing… Any expert help would be greatly appreciated.


  • We’re looking for any big influencers in social media including people or pages that have a large reach and would like to help support mental health by sharing the love through their networks.


  • We’re looking for companies, corporates and organisations that would like to support mental health by sharing the love through their email database lists and internal staff newsletters.


  • We’re still looking for sponsors to the tune of 30k. If you know of or work with an organisation that shares good values and would be interested in associating with The World’s Biggest Waterslide please let us know.


  • We’re looking for a bus company that can shuttle people to and from the event on the 28th/29th March.
  • We’re looking for a large trailer that can be used to shuttle sections of waterslide around Auckland.


  • We’re looking for somewhere to store the The World’s Biggest Waterslide in Auckland. It will take up about a 40ft container.


  • Know a big name music act? Think you could convince them to come play a couple of songs at the event? (No bands, just DJ, Vocal, acoustic set up) Get in touch.

Anything else…

  • We’re also open to help from around the world! We’ll take it from wherever we can get it…
  • Also, stay tuned to hear how you can win flights to come to the Waterslide from anywhere in the world!

For anything relating to the advertising, social media, organizations or sponsorship please contact Dan – , 021 511 485

For anything relating to transport, storage, PR or music please contact Jimi –, 021 020 29618

We’re just two guys trying to make a successful event that raises significant awareness of something that is killing New Zealanders and money so that we can create initiatives to help stop that, this is not our job, this is what we do around our actual work that pays the rent, so any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Many, many thanks in advance and big hugs x

Jimi & Dan