The best advice I ever received…


Advice is very easy to give, very easy to take but sometimes very hard to implement. You can tell that by the popularity of the quotes that we put up on Facebook, they’re always our most popular posts. People love a good quotable piece of advice, the problem is with the implementation. How often do we take a piece of advice and actually follow it to the letter? Not very often.

I asked a question on our Facebook page yesterday; “What is the best advice you’ve ever received?” It got a hell of a lot of comments very quickly and I’ve gone through them and picked out a few to talk about, but before that, I’ll tell you about mine…

What makes life advice stick? What makes it sink into your brain and actually change the way that you behave in your everyday life? Firstly, I think it has to really strike a chord with you. It has to be something that you connect with personally. More importantly, it has to come from a place of authority. If it comes from a fortune cookie you take it with a grain of salt, it’s just some mass produced, generic, corny message inside some food, right? Maybe it’s a quote from us; maybe we have enough brand authority for you to take it quite seriously and maybe you’ll take it on board, but you saw it on Facebook so probably not. Maybe if I said it to you in person over lunch it would have more impact. Probably. Or, maybe it comes from someone who you really, really respect. That’s the answer to the question for me. The best advice I’ve ever received came from my father, a person who I respect more than anyone else, a person who was in a role of professional authority and a person with a great outlook on life. He’s told me many things over the years that have stayed with me such as:

“Always hire people smarter than you”

That’s one I’ve always loved. The people that are around me at Live More Awesome are all smarter than me. Dan, James, Warren, Sunil, Andy, Rebecca, Shane, Tamara… they’re all smarter than me in many ways and therefore make me look better than I probably am. I also get to learn a lot off of them. Which takes me to a piece of life advice that I give out to a lot of people that I talk to…

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

This is the one that is most important to me. I can say with complete conviction that the five people that I spend the most time with are wonderful, caring, generous, kind, smart, interesting and successful in their own way. I will become the average of them and I’m happy to do so… what about you? Following on from this one is…

“Surround yourself with awesome”

I try to surround myself with the most amazing people and WAY more than just five of them! I’m on a mission to meet 100 AWESOME individuals this year. It makes my world richer, more entertaining and most of all happier. Here are some of the pieces of advice that were written on the Facebook page that I’d like to highlight.

“You would never talk to another human the way you talk to yourself, so stop it”

This is especially true for people like me that deal with depression. We have a tendency to talk to ourselves like shit. Here’s the thing, imagine taking all the words and abuse that we say to ourselves and directing them at another human being. What would happen? Other people around the situation would stop you, they would tell you off, they simply wouldn’t allow it. So why then are we allowed to talk to ourselves like that? With no repercussions? Stop it.

“Above all else, be kind”

To yourself as well as others. I love the simple quote “Don’t be a dick; it solves a lot of the world’s problems.” When you start being kind to others you’ll start seeing that kindness come back to you. Some call that ‘karma’, doesn’t matter what you want to call, it’s just true.

“True happiness resides within you. Most people are searching for happiness outside of themselves. That’s a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way that you think.”

Possessions won’t make you happy, people and experiences will. Gratitude, above all else has been proven to make you happy. It was something I didn’t have for a long time, now I am grateful for so many things.

“This too shall pass”

This is a favourite of the LMA Community Group and for good reason. Sometimes it’s just comforting to know that everything, good and bad, is temporary and will pass giving us the opportunity to start again.

“Choose your attitude in any situation. You can’t choose what happens to you but you can choose how you react. You can choose to be happy”

Choose happy. This is something that I have only come to realise recently. I was a very reactionary man (I still am to a certain extent, I guess). The simple knowledge of the fact that you can’t choose what has happened and that you can only choose how you react to it is brilliant in it’s simplicity. I was at a party recently when someone smashed one of the hosts’ very expensive and rare crystal wine glass. Obviously, this man was deeply disappointed that his irreplaceable glass was broken but he took it in his stride. The other person didn’t mean to break his glass and there is nothing in this world that will bring this glass back. There was nothing he could do about it so, he simply acknowledged these facts and moved on, choosing to have a happy evening. If you can learn to not let things affect you then you are winning at life my friend…
And I’ll finish this article off with a classic;

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those matter don’t mind” – Dr Seuss

Because fuck what they say. Live your life.