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The LMA Collective

Amazing organisations doing AWESOME things!


The Live More Awesome Collective is a group of organisations around the country that fit with our brand and our philosophies. We want to showcase the amazing work that they are doing to a bigger audience by sharing their content and initiatives with the LMA Community and working together on future projects. You should check all these people out…


– Organic Mechanic –

The Organic Mechanic brothers are on a mission to educate, empower and inspire kiwis to transform their lifestyle and food habits and to realize the age old truth that food and lifestyle are true preventative medicine. As well as oozing positive vibes and happiness the lads craft the most delicious organic, vegan smoothies and elixirs to help heal, revitalize and fuel the body. Their smoothies come from a place of pure joy and presence, and each flavour is crafted specifically for individual areas of health and wellbeing. They are dedicated to using only organic and spray free produce whilst also focusing on a sustainable business model that will aid in the healing of the earth. The lads mantra is “Be the Juice” – Be the change you want to see in the world.

Check out their page; The Organic Mechanic


– One Wave –

One Wave is all it takes… to hang out with an amazingly supportive community who will show you how to surf and give you a safe place to talk about depression and mental health.

Fluro Friday is when you get up for a morning surf, dress up as bright as possible and hang out with LEGENDS!

Find your local beach. If it’s not set up yet, get in touch, start one where you are.

Check out their page; One Wave.


– 3GoodThings-

Spending five minutes every night writing down three things you’re grateful for helps improve your mental well being, immunity, happiness and compassion!

Three Good Things is a wonderful community that encourages you to do just that, so why don’t you check out their page 3GoodThings to learn more.