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What Causes Depression?

Depression is generally not caused by a ‘single event’ but rather a combination of life events and lifestyle
factors that can affect each of us in different ways. Such as –

Life Events
Death or loss of a loved one
Relationship problems
Stressful Life Events
Family Conflict
Childhood Trauma
Bullying or abuse
Serious accidents
Long term illnesses
Pregnancy or childbirth
Family History of addiction or mental illness
Lifestyle Factors
Poor sleeping habits
Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Social Isolation
Poor Nutrition
Lack of Exercise
Existing Medications
Not doing what you want to do
Hostile work/school/home environments
Lack of Experiences that excite you

While the possible causes can be many, it’s important to note that depression is a highly treatable condition.
Check out our pages on – A-Z’s of Self Help or Ask For Help for more information on how you can help improve your depression.